dressing up

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Assalamuallaikum 🙂
it’s my first time posting here, so i’m kinda nervous, hehe.
so i’ll keep my first post short and simple.

When you’re living in a foreign country it’s natural to make observations regarding their culture, behavior, appearance, and fashion.
When i first came to Japan i was mesmerized by many things, including their fashion. The cuteness. The neatness. I tried to adapt, to “fit in”. my friends found their own fashion styles. I sometimes felt left behind. Sometimes i felt the pressure to look good and got lost in the misconception that i have to look good to feel good. Although this may be partly true…
And when i go back to Malaysia it seems i have to face the same thing. These new fashion styles and trends. Would it be okay if i followed them? That fashion style looks good, but why do i get the feeling that it’s not right? What’s with all these debates that women are being exploited?

But i realized that Islam has already made clear outlines on how to be fashionable, to look good and feel good. All that fuss and worrying i felt was completely unnecessary. And this outline is what i’m gonna share with you in this post.

In Islam, there are three purposes of clothing. Protection, beautification and modesty(decency). Which purpose do you think is the main priority?

In Islam, the 1st priority is modesty also meaning to have decency. The second priority is protection, and the last is beautification.
For me the concept of modesty was hard to grasp at first, but then i realized it was simple. It meant to cover the aurat (the guidelines for this is also clear, so i won’t be repeating it here)
Covering the aurat is a form of modesty. Modesty in this contents means humility. Meaning acknowledging that Allah is in charge of our lives. We have to acknowledge that when Allah gave us the specific outlines to cover up, He knows what’s best for us. There shouldn’t be any room for doubts when it comes to His commands. He created us, He knows what’s best for us. We can go on and on about what is good for a person, but in the end who can actually confirm that it is? But what we can confirm is that Allah knows us. Allah knows best. Follow His guidelines and everything will go well, insyaAllah.
Ok, honest confession. i was inspired to write this post from this video. It’s pretty long, but watching it will be time well spent, insyaAllah.

i like listening to Nouman Ali Khan. He explains things in way that makes you think, and not just accept. If you have the time to watch one of his previous videos, he actually went through quite a journey. From a Muslim, to an atheist, then back to become a Muslim. He started studying arabic and the Quran when he was 20 years old. And now he has the Quran truly engraved in his mind and heart.

Let’s strive for that.

So much for short and simple. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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